Minor Site Update

Visitors to this site may have noticed a new menu bar at the top of the page. I added this bit of navigation, which provides links to various sites I maintain, to make it easier for folks to find those sites. The new menu is shown below (slightly adjusted to fit):

All the Pages | Luminosity | Mike & Sheryl | Little Sweden, USA | Midsummer’s Day | Glowrocks

All the Pages is this site, my personal journal where I share photos, recipes, travel reports and much more.

is my photoblog, where I post one large photo about once a week. For its first year of existence I posted a photo every single day! A thumbnail of the current image is posted in the upper right corner of All the Pages.

Mike & Sheryl
is our old, pre-blog, home page. Photos, recipes, and more. Not much in the way of new content, but still worth checking out.

Little Sweden, USA
is a blog about Lindsborg. I post articles related to Lindsborg, with an eye on events and celebrations; postings are often accompanied by photos.

Midsummer’s Day
is the host site for Lindsborg’s annual Midsummer’s Festival. Here you’ll find information about past and (soon) future Midsummer’s celebrations, as well as photos.

Glowrocks is my site dedicated to fluorescent minerals. Photos, articles and links to related sites.

I also post photos at Flickr, but for now haven’t included that link in the top menu bar.

I hope you enjoy my other sites, and for those who live in Lindsborg (or wish they did), please help spread the word about my Lindsborg related sites.