Toronto Sky Trails

Here’s a fascinating time-lapse picture of the night sky, taken in Toronto last month. There’s also a wonderful video showing the image as it’s built up over time, starting with a dark sky and then filling in with the plane, helicopter and star trails. You can click the image to see a larger version, which … Read more

Franklin Fluorescent Minerals

I realized I haven’t taken any photos of my fluorescent minerals using a digital SLR. I decided it was time, and took a practice run a few days ago. The results are promising, though I can see some areas for improvement. All of the minerals below are from the Franklin/Sterling Hills area of New Jersey; … Read more

Cities at Night, from Space

Here’s a link to a fascinating video. Taken from the space shuttle, this 10 minute video shows photos of cities at night from around the world. Check out the spoke based cities of Europe and how they contrast to the grid-based cities of the American west. The photos were taken using a home-made barn-door photography … Read more

MLK’s Eulogy: Drum Major Instinct

On February 4th, 2 months before his assassination, Martin Luther King gave a sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The sermon was on the topic of the “Drum Major Instinct”, and deals with how we all, in various ways, are tempted to give in to the temptations of “keeping up with the Joneses,” and … Read more

Decision Making

Good advice, no joke. Whenever you’re called on to make up your mind And you’re hampered by not having any The simplest way to solve the dilemma you’ll find Is simply by flipping a penny No, not so that chance shall decide the affair As you’re passively standing there moping But as soon as the … Read more