Palo Alto Birds and Blooms 2008

On Sunday we remained closer to “home”, first visiting the Palo Baylands Preserve followed by a stroll through the Elizabeth F. Gamble garden. Photos below and on Flickr.

San Francisco May 2008

On Saturday we went to San Francisco; taking photos was definitely part of the plan. We started out at the bottom of “crookedest street”, Lombard Street, took a few pictures and then drove around the block so we could drive down Lombard. That’s always fun, and the last time we did it, our cousin was … Read more

Santa Cruz Coast May 2008

Friday afternoon we drove down the coast from Highway 92 down to Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful day, with no wind and warm temperatures. We had a nice drive and ended up back in the valley in time for dinner at Krung Thai. Here are a few of the photos from the afternoon; more … Read more

Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks the 6th anniversary of All the Pages (are my days). It’s been fun and exciting to have been involved in something that started out as perhaps another techno-fad and which has now turned into a mainstream activity. One type of blogging that I’ve enjoyed over the years is travel blogging. I’ve sort of … Read more

Colorado and Arizona May 2008

On Sunday we continued west, passing through Pagosa Springs and Durango before taking a left at Cortez. In Pagosa Springs we found a bakery that had a cinammon roll I’m going to try and recreate when I get home. The dough wasn’t overly sweet and had a taste like Sally Lund bread. The old Chuckwagon … Read more

Eastern Colorado 2008

After an early start, we stopped for the night at Monte Vista, Colorado. The Best Western here is named Movie Manor, and most rooms have great views of the adjacent drive-in; speakers and volume controls are present in the rooms. It was kind of fun watching Nic Cage, Jon Voigt and many others in a … Read more

Scarey Walk

A look at this video of El camino del Rey in Spain is both fascinating and a bit scarey; for good reason, as there have been fatal accidents in this area. Still, from the safety of your computer, it’s well worth watching this dare-devil hike this most dangerous trail. His head-mounted cam provides a quite … Read more

Geode and Agate

We went to the McPherson Gem and Mineral show today and picked up a few interesting pieces. They had a pretty good selection of dealers, and only one had prices that were out of line. Among the treasures found today was some never seen before Turritella agate from Wyoming. The agate is in the form … Read more

Northern Junco

Back in January of 2007, I posted an image of a junco that I had taken in our back yard. Earlier this year, Carol, a student at Johnson State College, sketched a great image of a junco based on my photo. She was kind enough to share it with me, and with her permission, I’m … Read more