Midsummer’s Day 2008 is this Weekend!

It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far since our first Midsummer’s committee meeting in January, but Lindsborg will be celebrating Midsummer’s this weekend, Saturday June 21st.

You can visit our Midsummer’s Day web site for more information, and a PDF of the full-color, 8 page program is available:

Midsummer’s Day Program

I’ve been involved with 4 Midsummer’s celebrations and this year promises to be one of the best ever! Quoting from a recent Midsummer’s press release:

Festival organizers have dramatically changed the festival this year with new events and activities intended to embrace the community’s Swedish heritage and to involve guests and participants more intimately in the celebration.

Visitors can enjoy the magic of summer by stepping into a quaint Swedish village, which features artisans’ shops, settlers’ homes, artists and craftsmen’s studios, a storyteller’s den, and a homemaker’s kitchen. They can absorb as well as observe. For example, the Svenska Vänskaps Gruppen (Swedish Friendship Group) will welcome casual visitors, explaining traditions, customs, and folklore handed down over generations – even helping them learn Swedish phrases.

Finally, to further get you in the mood for Midsummer’s this weekend, here’s a few photos from Midsummer’s past:

Press the “reload/refresh” button in your browser to see a different set of photos. You can also view more photos of Midsummers in Lindsborg from years gone by.