Nine Great Driving Destinations

Irv Gordon and his multi-million mile Volvo were in Lindsborg recently as the Volvo Car Club held its annual gathering in conjunction with Lindsborg’s Midsummer’s celebration last June. Juliana found this press release and I wanted to pass it along; Lindsborg is in some good company in this listing! Here’s the quote about Lindsborg; the … Read more

A Slight Amusement

I came across this today and just had to share: Yeah, it took me a few seconds … (Later: I remembered where I found this: Stu Savory’s Blog.)

Broadway RFD 2008: State Fair

On Friday, we attended Lindsborg’s theater under the stars, Broadway RFD. This year’s show was State Fair, the charming musical by Rogers and Hammerstein featuring the adventures of the Frake family as they seek fame and love at the 1946 Iowa State Fair. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this choice, … Read more

Honey Ginger Soy Chicken

Honey Ginger Soy Chicken Taking advantage of ingredients on hand, I whipped up this light Asian chicken dish tonight. It was good enough I decided to write it up for future use. With that in mind, note that I didn’t measure anything, but this is my best guesstimate as to the amounts used. 1/4 C … Read more

(Almost) Done With Dotster

Update: As a result of this posting, I was contacted by the Customer Service Director for Dotster. We discussed the issues surrounding my situation and what they might do to help prevent this from happening to others in the future, such as allowing for multiple email contacts to be listed. While I’m still unhappy that … Read more

Farley’s National Park Stamps

I’ll conclude this mini-flurry of stamp postings with an American classic: the National Parks, as commissioned by Postmaster General Farley in the 1930s. They are part of a set of stamps known as Farley’s Follies, due to the fact they were first printed as favors for the President and his cabinet and friends, but had … Read more

The Sun Never Set

On the non-topical side of stamp collecting, I collect world-wide from the 1800s through the early 1950s, including US stamps through the mid-60s or so. One area I really enjoy is British colonies from before WWII. The finely crafted little snapshots of island life, flora and fauna, along with the nice colors, evoke a strong … Read more

Hit Man

Blame it on Keller. No, nobody died, but my long dormant interest in collecting stamps has been revived and I blame Keller. Now he of course held topical collecting in disdain, and I can understand that, but nonetheless, I’m beginning my online stamp album with one of my favorites, a Swedish stamp from 1978 that … Read more

Light Summer Fare

Too busy doing things that aren’t really bloggable, so it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. I have posted a couple of nice fireworks photos on my photo blog, luminosity: /luminosity/2008/07/beautiful_fireworks.html /luminosity/2008/07/fire_wheel.html I still squeeze in some time for blog reading (via Google Reader, naturally), and that’s how I found this quick little quiz from … Read more

Lindsborg Fireworks 2008

The annual Lindsborg fireworks show, normally held at Anderson Field, was moved to an alternate location south of town due to the current field renovation project. Because of concerns over parking, we opted to skip this year’s show and just put on our own fireworks display instead. Some of the prettiest results came from relatively … Read more