Butterscotch Telecaster

I picked up a Fender Squier Affinity Series Special Edition guitar today. It’s a beautiful butterscotch blonde color; the wood grain shows through very nicely. It’s my first telecaster and so far I’m really happy. My initial reaction is that this guitar has more clarity and presence than either my MIM strat or Gretsch 5120 when played through my main amp, a Fender Blues Jr. With a 10% discount, my price was $162, including tax, at Guitar Center. More at flickr.

butterscotch tele butterscotch tele

butterscotch tele

1 thought on “Butterscotch Telecaster”

  1. That does look nice. I have a ’53 that is almost the same colour, just alittle more careworn. If I ever look for a backup I’ll check that out.

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