Quick Mac Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything Mac related and since I was busy over the weekend rebuilding my system, I thought I’d share what software I’m currently using.

There was nothing really wrong my my old system, but the Mac’s flexibility in terms of booting from external devices makes it easy to try out a fresh installation. While there were no problems with the old system, I do tend to evaluate a lot of different software and over time the system gets cluttered. In particular, my Applications folder has shrunk from 180 entries to 82, though it will end up between 90 and 100 when everything I use is installed.

As is often the case with these updates, my plan to install the system over the weekend and then migrate data and apps over the coming week didn’t pan out. Instead, I did a clean install of OS X, copied my personal folder over and reinstalled all key apps by Sunday evening! Macs really are easier to setup and maintain.

Anyway, here’s the list of Mac software I use almost every day:

  • VMware Fusion (for hosting virtual PCs)
  • Firefox (web browser)
  • Lightroom2 (image management and manipulation)
  • Info/xhead (password cache)
  • Adium (IM)
  • Photoshop cs3
  • Dreamweaver cs3
  • Dandbrake (dvd/video ripper)
  • Solitaire till Dawn
  • Vuescan
  • Audio Hijack Pro
  • Extensis portfolio
  • Flip4mac (WMV player)
  • Transmit (ftp client)
  • Office 2008
  • MS Messenger (IM)
  • MS Remote Desktop
  • Textmate (editor)
  • Macgourmet Deluxe (recipe manager)
  • OmniOutliner
  • Omnifocus (task management)
  • Real player
  • MissingSync for Palm
  • Turbo tax
  • Strobosoft (guitar tuner)
  • Weatherdock (displays weather in menubar)
  • SnapzProX (screen capture s/w)
  • iStat menus (system status)
  • xAct (audio slicer/dicer)
  • SyncTogether (syncs mac address books)
  • Instiki (lightweight wiki)
  • Eye-one Match (monitor calibration)
  • Eclipse (software dev env)
  • TWiki (wiki)
  • Mysql (database)
  • Pathfinder (finder replacement)

And I have to mention the terminal program.

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