Pink Paisley Telecaster

I fell in love with this guitar when I first saw it a few months ago, and when circumstances worked out, it became my birthday present today. It’s a Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster, 1968 Reissue, Crafted in Japan instrument and is nearly as high in quality as American made Fenders.

It tuned up very nicely, with no slippage, and is fun to play. The sound is great, and I like the bridge/neck combo the best I think. The neck pickup may be a bit weak compared to the bridge, but it may also just be the difference in output volume.

I took advantage of a 30% off the already discounted price sale at Sam Ash a while back; for once I got one of those killer deals that you always read about! You do get what you pay for I guess; the neck switch is a little dodgy, but that is a very easy thing to resolve.

Anyway, I don’t really know what it was that attracted me to this guitar, but I like it as much as the first day I saw it, and it helps make this a special birthday. One thing, if I ever start performing in public (not any time soon) folks will remember me as that guy with the crazy pink guitar!

Oh, and the pink paisley design? I don’t know for sure, but have read that it may be a fancy wallpaper that is mounted on the top of the guitar body after which the whole thing is finished with a clear coating. If you look closely you can see the silver foil background. Wild stuff!

On to the pictures (more on flickr):

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

pink paisley telecaster

16 thoughts on “Pink Paisley Telecaster”

  1. Hello There Michael.
    I´m intresster of the Pink Paisley paper.
    Please send me an e-mail with some photos of the paper.

    Best regards from: Samuel Ahden

  2. Hello Mike! How are you! Guy… I’m really jealous! My dream is to have one of those guitars, but you know. Here in Brazil we can’t find it anywhere. I’d like to ask a favor… Could you please take more “close” photos from the guitar and send to my e-mail ? I’d like to reproduce it here in Brazil with my luthier, so if you send me the pictures in High resolution, I think I can use Coreldraw to draw the paisleis!!! Can you help me with this buddy? I’d be very glad if you do that to me… Pleeeeeaaaase!!! Close photos with high resolution! Help meeeee!

    Thanks in advance!

    My best regards,

  3. Hi Rafael ,
    I can make the Paisley paper in original pink or any colour you like . Send me an email and I will show you some photos of the paper . Michael .

    • I would like to see some pictures of the pink paisley paper and other colors. How much for enough to do a guitar?
      Thanks, Ralph

  4. Hi Michael,

    I too am lucky enough to have one of these beautiful guitars. I had been looking for one everywhere I went. Had scoured the UK and when on holiday would hunt down music shops (I even scoured Boston, New York and New Jersey when on holiday in The States.

    About 13 years ago a band mate called me and told me that there was one hanging in my local music shop. From that moment there was a little voice in my head calling out. “Help. Come and save me. the horrible men keep touching me. Only you can save me.”

    I got myself down to Machinehead Music in Hitchin straight away. If I had been in bed I wouldn’t have even bothered to take time out to get dressed and would have gone naked to save time.

    I had every intention of using this guitar straight away in my band but when I got there, I was faced with a collectors item. It was in mint condition and even had polish residue in the ferrule holes in the back. I paid over the odds for it I am sure – £500 – and have never dared play it other than carefully and at home. I couldn’t bear to get a scratch on the scratch plate. The story doesn’t end there.

    About 3 years ago, I was minding my own business poking around on ebay and I spotted the blue flower version for sale. I made a somewhat speculative bid and ended up winning the guitar for £350. Now THAT was a bargain. And at last a spectacular Tele that I could actually use. When it arrived I was faced with another dilemma. This one was also in perfect condition. Jeez!

    So now I have 2 beautiful Teles. Both in “just out of the factory” condition. Neither of which I dare play for fear of giving them a ding. If I damaged either of these I think I would cry.

    What to do?

    I actually have the answer and it works for me.

    I spent £220 on a blonde Squier Classic Vibe Tele (proper brass through body saddles – I’m sure that you know what I mean by “proper”). I use it with my band plugged straight into my Laney LC15 which is plenty loud enough for pub gigs and gives me a fantastic sound.

    And the best bit? There are no little voice3s in my head telling me that there is this beautiful guitar that I need. Although there was a Strat version wasn’t there. And a precision. In both finishes. Nooooooooooo………………………………………!


  5. Hello guys!

    This thread was started by me, and for now, I have my first Pink Paisley guitar made with the paper I developed. You can see at this thread pictures and the whole history.
    Today I’m working on the pattern to correct some imperfections.
    If you are interested on it, don’t hesitate! Send me an e-mail:

    My best wishes,
    Rafael Braga

  6. Hi Rafael! I just left a high bid on on one Pink PAISLEY Telecaster. This guitar is on web site and is selling in Hiroshima, Japan. Is it a fake? I have a bid on it for $1,300 ! Thank you for your quick reply. Happy New Year.
    Hannu Puhakainen, Finland

    • Its not worth near as much if it says crafted in japan. U want the one that says made in japan. For the “crafted” one…800 is about top…mij is anywhere from 11-15..and on up from there.

      • Curious about your remark about MIJ vs CIJ.

        I had heard, but w/out any real authority, that the CIJ were very good …

        Doesn’t really matter, I love mine, but always curious to know more about these fine guitars!

  7. I bought one of these from my local Long & McQuade here in Canada…its a great guitar, very light and resonant. Im having a luthier here make a new neck for it as the original is too thin for me.

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