Today I made the 500th and last posting on Luminosity, a site I set up in late 2005 to highlight my photography. I had just acquired my first digital SLR, and knew I would want to share my best and favorite phots. I also knew I wanted to post larger versions of the images than … Read more

Honor, Again

This week, America took the first steps back towards realizing the ideals “for which it stands.” We have once again declared that our policy and practice does not permit torture. America has historically been known as a country that behaved with honor and dignity. We didn’t “play dirty.” Americans fought and won the hard fights, … Read more

It’s a New Day

This post could have been titled Tears of Joy! I find myself getting weepy as I watch the ceremony and celebration that marks this most American of traditions, the peaceful transition of power. The historic significance of the election, and today, the inauguration, of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of … Read more

Kansas, Early Winter 2008-09

Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks while driving the backroads of rural Kansas. They caught my eye while I was reviewing some recent photos and I decided to put together a small batch to share; please enjoy this little mini-tour of north-central Kansas, from Mushroom Rock Park in the … Read more

All Good Things in All Good Time

Today I announced that I’ll be ceasing the publication of my photoblog, luminosity, when the 500th image is posted in a few days. I wanted to mention it here as well, because this is where I first announced luminosity, and I’ve discussed the site a few times since then. Below is what I had to … Read more

20 Great Photos from 2008

I engaged in a fun little exercise a few days ago, searching through all of the photos I took in 2008, looking for the 20 best photos of the year. I didn’t have any set criteria, rather this was a “I know it when I see it” situation. Here are my choices; I hope you … Read more

Bald Eagles at Marion Reservoir

We drove down to Marion Reservoir this afternoon and hit the bald eagle jackpot! We saw at least 3 different males and perhaps more, plus one likely female. I love the fact that the bald eagle is making a comeback in this area; we even saw one sitting on the ice earlier this week when … Read more

Missouri Meanderings 2008

Happy New Year! We’ll begin with a look back at a trip we took in October. Last fall we took an enjoyable trip east in search of fall colors. We started out visiting some old friends in Independence and then made our way to Hannibal by way of Quincy before finishing the journey in St. … Read more