All Good Things in All Good Time

Today I announced that I’ll be ceasing the publication of my photoblog, luminosity, when the 500th image is posted in a few days. I wanted to mention it here as well, because this is where I first announced luminosity, and I’ve discussed the site a few times since then. Below is what I had to say over at luminosity.

Oh, and this is a neat coincidence, the next posting at luminosity will be number 499. The next posting here on All the Pages will be 999! Go figure.

This is the 498th posting to luminosity, which will cease publication after the 500th entry is posted in a few days. The site will remain available for viewing even after I stop posting.

I’m not going to stop taking pictures, but some times, some things must come to an end, and so the time has come to cease posting to luminosity, the photoblog I started after receiving my first digital SLR camera in October of 2005.

I’ve taken almost 30,000 photos since then and besides the top 2 percent that have been shared here, I have uploaded many photos to my flickr site and to my primary site, All the Pages, and will continue to display my photos at both sites.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.