Today I made the 500th and last posting on Luminosity, a site I set up in late 2005 to highlight my photography.

I had just acquired my first digital SLR, and knew I would want to share my best and favorite phots. I also knew I wanted to post larger versions of the images than I post on this site, so I established luminosity as a site where I posted one relatively large image per posting.

For the first year I posted an article a day! For the past couple of years I’ve settled into about a posting a week.

But now, it’s time to stop. 500 of my best photos is a nice body of work, and of course I’ll keep posting here and at flickr.

The photos on luminosity will remain available for your viewing pleasure. I think at some point in time I’ll make the front page display a random photo from the luminosity archives, but for now I’ll just leave the last photo visible on the front page.

to Luminosity!