Missouri Meanderings 2008

Happy New Year! We’ll begin with a look back at a trip we took in October.

Last fall we took an enjoyable trip east in search of fall colors. We started out visiting some old friends in Independence and then made our way to Hannibal by way of Quincy before finishing the journey in St. Louis.

It was a fun trip and one where I was able to blog pretty much all of the highlights of our adventure. Those reflections were captured in a series of 7 posts, scattered among other posting on this site. That’s fine if you’re following along more or less in real-time, but months later it’s a chore to locate all of our Missouri Meanderings postings, so I created a page that contains all of the entries from our trip:

Missouri Meanderings 2008

There you’ll find all 7 postings in one long page, complete with photos (yes, it may take a while to load).

There’s also a page that lists all of the travel journals I’ve created over the years: Mike & Sheryl’s Travel Journals.

Below is the table of contents from the Missouri Meanderings 2008 page, and below that is a random set of 10 photos from the journey. Hit reload to see a new set of images, and click on the Missouri Meanderings 2008 link to read the complete set of postings.

Table of Contents
Fleming Park, Fall 2008
Sunset Over the Mississippi
Hannibal Fall Colors
Views of the Gateway Arch
Lily Ponds, Tower Grove Park
Misc Mississippi Fall 2008
St Louis Scenes

Random Flickr Photos from our Missouri Meanderings

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