Willie Nelson at the Stiefel Theater

We had the good fortune to see Willie Nelson in concert at the Stiefel Theater in Salina on Tuesday evening (earlier today from my perspective). I had the even better fortune of taking a few reasonably good photos. We were in the last row of the lower balcony; great views and wonderful sound! Willie was … Read more

Critter Day at Maxwell State Park

Late Friday afternoon was certainly the time for animal viewing at Maxwell State Park, southeast of Lindsborg. When we drove in from the east there was a small group of elk grazing on the south ridge. They were amenable to being photographed, so I set up and got started. A few minutes later, as we … Read more

35 Years Ago

on April 5th, 1974, the adventure began: Here’s to the next 35!

Funny Money

Long time readers of this site probably know my political leanings, but even I think this is taking things a bit too far: If you’re still confused, look at the date of this posting. Tip of the hat to PSD and AF.