Some Days

really try your patience. Today for example.

It started at 2am with the sounding of the storm sirens. Thankfully, no damage in our area, but after getting back to bed at 3 I never really did sleep well.

At work, after checking a minor bit of work, I confirmed that what I had done was OK, but the system had a different problem; add it to the list.

Shortly after that Sheryl called. No, she wasn’t coming home today; hopefully on Tuesday. She’s definitely getting better, but still, this wasn’t what I wanted to hear. (She went to the hospital last Thursday due to severe vomiting; it turned out to be diverticulitis.)

By mid-morning, my attention has turned to the air conditioner. It seems like maybe it’s not working quite right. After a bit of analysis and troubleshooting, my suspicions are confirmed; no AC. The good news is that we can have it replaced this week, and for less than anticipated. Still, it’s going to get hot tomorrow!

After a few quiet hours, including a good meeting at work and the visit by the AC repair person, it was time to head to the hospital to see Sheryl. I guess I was in a hurry, but as I was making my way from the car Sparkle jumped/fell out of my arms on to the hot, hard pavement. Long story short, he may have a mild concussion, he was definitely dazed, but along with Sheryl is well on the way to a full recovery. I was devastated as we waited for the vet to finish his checkup; Sparkle means so much to Sheryl …

But hey, the very bad weather passed us by tonight, and you know, if all the above represents the worst of my problems, I am very lucky indeed.