Independence Day

We all know what an important holiday this is for Americans and this year I want to acknowledge what a special day it is for my (genuine) soulmate, Sheryl.

This year, Independence Day marks the beginning of Sheryl’s independence from pain. For the past few years she has suffered with extreme pain caused by a steadily deteriorating hip. Finally, in the spring of this year, it was deemed medically appropriate for her to have a total hip replacement. This is normally not done on someone of Sheryl’s tender age, which only serves to indicate just how bad her hip had become.

On Wednesday, July 1st, her hip was replaced with a new, modern hip made of titanium. On Friday, she came home! She’s in a bit of pain, and gets around (very slowly) using her walker, but is otherwise recovering quite well. Full rehab will take at least a couple of months, during which time she must be very cautious not to stress the hip in any way that might damage the new joint (which is inserted into the existing bone, and over time fuses with the existing bone; it’s a bit delicate during this time, hence the precautions).

So here’s to Sheryl, as well as to everyone who strives to lead an independent life!