Art by Soldiers

Literally. Hundreds of soldiers posed, just so, in order to create these giant representations of American icons, the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty. There’s a whole bunch more over at WildAmmo, including Uncle Sam and a great rendition of Woodrow Wilson. This has been another installment of Things That Look Better from Above. … Read more

Rural Kansas Summer 2009

Besides supporting Sheryl as she recuperated from her hip replacement surgery, upgrading this site to Drupal, and keeping very busy at work, I did find time to take a few photos during the past month. Here are 10 of my recent favorites, and of course there are more at Flickr. Rose of Sharon :: Cows … Read more

Rice Paddy Art 2009

It’s time for this year’s installment of Rice Paddy Art. The crop art is created by strategically arranging and growing different colors of rice plants and the results are impressive! Thanks to Pink Tentacle for the original story, which includes many more photos. You can also visit the original Japanese blog, からぽねやみの絵日記 and see much … Read more

All the Pages on Drupal

I’ve moved this site, All the Pages, from WordPress to Drupal. This is just a short test post. If you can see this, then it looks like everything is working. Watch for a “real” post coming soon!


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This is a list of most of the sites I’ve subscribed to in my RSS reader (currently I’m using Google Reader). When using Google Reader, I only see links if there is new content. As a result, many feeds go idle, but when the list is exported, they’re all there. Another way to put it … Read more