Smiling Faces

Sheryl found this picture while looking through a box of old stuff today. Turns out it was one she had processed herself (at the Sunnyvale Community Center) and given to Aunt Minnie. We got it back as part of Aunt Adelia’s photo collection a while back, and after seeing it today I just had to … Read more

Sunflowers on Laurina’s Birthday

Today is Laurina’s birthday; she would have been, oh right, women of that era didn’t discuss such matters! We took a nice ride in the country this morning, taking pictures of both wild and commercially grown sunflowers. Sheryl picked a bunch of wild ones and we took them up to Rosehill Cemetery and placed them … Read more

Her Morning Elegance

If everything is working, here’s an embedded video that I recently found. The stop action footage is delightful, and the accompanying song is pretty nice as well. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Eleganceby IgnitionVM Here’s a direct link to the video if the embedded version doesn’t work: Her Morning Elegance Thanks to Matt at the … Read more

Drupal: Validate Views Arguments

As previously mentioned, this site is now powered by the powerful open-source content management system (CMS) known as Drupal. While things are working pretty well, (if you ignore the fact that the number of visitors has dropped by 2/3rds; that’s a separate topic) there was one minor issue that was been bugging me, and I … Read more