HDR Night Photos

Combining two interests, night photography and HDR image processing, I’ve created a new set of images: HDR Night photos! Taken in Salina and Lindsborg, these high dynamic range photos present the world in a new and different light. You can see more of these interesting images by visiting my Flickr HDR at Night set. Stiefel … Read more

Night Sky October

We saw Bob Dylan in Salina on Friday, and on the way home I stopped to take a few night photos. Tonight’s concert was probably the best performance by Bob Dylan that I’ve ever seen, surpassing the wonderful May 1995 show at the Berkeley Community Theater, and vastly better than the Kansas City show a … Read more

Fall Lake Reflections

One of my favorite HDR images so far: This was taken at Maxwell Lake and processed using Photomatix software.

Misc HDR Images

Here are few high dynamic range (HDR) images I created earlier today. HDR images display an extended dynamic range and are often created by taking multiple, bracketed, exposures of a subject and then merging them to create the final HDR image. HDR images look different from standard images in ways ranging from the sublime to … Read more

Svensk Hyllningsfest 2009

Lindsborg’s Swedish Honoring Festival, officially known as Svensk Hyllningsfest, has been celebrated since 1941. Here are a few photos from the first day. Additional photos are available at Flickr.