Night Sky October

We saw Bob Dylan in Salina on Friday, and on the way home I stopped to take a few night photos.

Tonight’s concert was probably the best performance by Bob Dylan that I’ve ever seen, surpassing the wonderful May 1995 show at the Berkeley Community Theater, and vastly better than the Kansas City show a year or so back.

Bob was very personable tonight. He was relaxed, smiling and dancing and generally enjoying himself. He often picked the mic up from the stand and held it while gently dancing back and forth and making hand gestures that reminded me of Al Jolson! He mostly played keyboard, but took the lead guitar part on 2 or 3 songs early in the show.

Also, compared to the KC show, tonight’s performance had great dynamic range, both in terms of volume as well as tempo. In Kansas City, there was one level for both: full on intensity!

The rest of the band included 2 guitar players, a drummer, an additional keyboard player who also played fiddle and banjo on a couple of songs, and the very powerful, driving bass player, who sometimes played a stand-up bass.

All in all, it was a great little concert, borne of the last minute when Dylan had a free night between Colorado and Oklahoma.

And with that, here’s a couple of photos I took after the show, about 1/2 way between Lindsborg and Salina.

October moon

October stars

4 thoughts on “Night Sky October”

  1. Are you serious?

    I’ll forgive you since you’re a “cousin” being from Finland and all (I’m from Little Sweden, USA and part Swedish).

    I made this posting in October of 2009. I notice that your picture was taken in Jan of 2011.

    The “powers that be” won’t let me tell how I was able to fast-forward and copy your photo from 2011 and bring it back to 2009.

    Oh, and seriously again: if you look closely at the border between light and dark it’s clear these are two different images.

    I’m guessing you knew that, and just wanted to poke some fun as a way of introducing yourself! 🙂 🙂

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