It Was 30 Years Ago Today

On Monday, December 3rd 1979, I began working for Hewlett-Packard. I started at the Stanford Park Division in Palo Alto. This was before I turned my full attention to computers and software; I was hired as an Electronics Technician II, troubleshooting and repairing HP test equipment to the component level.

I still remember Retha, my first manager, and Solomon, my closest colleague in the beginning. Retha helped teach me about the HP Way, and Solomon was just a fascinating guy. He had migrated to the US from China when he was a child, and had been at HP about 10 years when I joined.

Seems like it was just yesterday; heck I remember the mild “trauma” (now humorous in retrospect) that accompanied my 30th birthday, and now I’ve worked somewhere that long?

Cue Uncle John’s Band, “where does the time go?”

Anyway, I’m not ready to retire, mentally or financially, so I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

It’s been a year of “big” anniversaries as far that goes.

I turned thirteen 40 years ago, and already possessing a reflective nature, I recall sitting in the bakery in Lindsborg, by myself, and noting the significance of that birthday and contemplating what the future might bring.

WALSTIB as they say.

Sheryl and I were married 35 years ago in April.

In May of 1974, I reported to US Army base Ft. Leonard Wood to begin basic training.

Later that year we moved to Auburn, Washington; I was stationed at Ft. Lewis.

In February of 1979 we saw our first concert at the Oakland Coliseum; it was Keith and Donna’s last performance with the Dead and only our 2nd time seeing the Dead.

In April of 1979 I saw Brent Mydland’s first performance with the Grateful Dead. On an otherwise sunny day, it rained for a few minutes when the band played “Looks Like Rain.” Seriously.

In 1979 we attended our first Grateful Dead New Year’s Eve concert.

The last 3 entries marked the beginning of a trend that lasted until August of 1995.

In October of 1979 I got my first SLR camera, a Canon AE-1. From Denevi’s in Cupertino, just to tickle some old memories.

In February of 1984 we moved to a house after living in an apartment for 5 years.

I began working at HP Labs in July of 1984. That’s how long I’ve been using email!

In 1989 we spent 3 weeks visiting friends and family in Kansas; that was our longest visit until 2002.

In the summer of 1994 we took a 3 week road trip, seeing the Dead in Oregon, Washington and Nevada. The OJ chase was big news the weekend of the Eugene shows.

I still recall downloading the first beta of the Netscape browser in October of 1994.

We took our first trip to England 10 years ago.

We moved back to Kansas 5 years ago in September.

Oh yeah, and Lisa had a “big” birthday this year as well.