December Sunset

I took these sunset photos a couple of weeks ago, northeast of Lindsborg.   There are a few more shots over on Flickr.  I love the comment from the French man who liked the "general ambience" in reference to the  last shot of this post. You can click each image to see a larger version. 

December at Maxwell

We had unseasonably warm temperatures today and very little wind. And, it had been far too long since I had taken any photos, so an hour before sunset we headed off to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, adjacent to (east of)  the McPherson State Fishing Lake. Anyway, it was a nice drive down, and we saw large … Read more

You Are Not Alone

On Veterans' Day, my thoughts turn to those who haven given the most in service to our nation.  As a peace-time vet, I did not face the threats that too often result in so much anguish for veterans' families.  In that sense both I and my family are lucky. As a veteran, I will never, … Read more

Toyota Highlander Heater Control Head Repair

I got a call today regarding the repair of the heater in our 2003 Toyota Highlander. They wanted $850 dollars to get things working again; almost $700 of that was for the "heater control head."  Background: we've had problems for years where the heater would come on, full blast, and would only turn off when … Read more

Colorful Peppers in Salina

We dropped by Oakdale Park in Salina a couple of weeks back and were surprised to find that the area around the fountain was decorated with hundreds of colorful peppers! Naturally I had to run back to the car and get my camera. Here are 3 of my favorite shots; there are more on Flickr. … Read more

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Returning from a business trip to Palo Alto (where I was joined by Sheryl in time to drive back home to Lindsborg) we stopped at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  Located in remote, desolate northwest Arizona, there is little lodging in the immediate area; we felt fortunate to the the last room at … Read more

Indian Summer: Central California Coast

We drove over to the Pacific Ocean yesterday afternoon. Our route took us over the hill via 84; we stopped to grab some sandwiches at the General Store in San Gregorio. From there we drove south, past Pescadero to Pebble Beach, where I took a few photos. We looped back to the north on Bean … Read more

Wide Angle Take One

Here a few photos I took with my new Canon 10-22 super wide-angle lens. On a 1.6 crop camera that works out to 16-35. It's the widest lens I've ever used, certainly not applicable for all circumstances, but very nice in certain cases. As I often do, I went down to Maxwell Lake to try … Read more

Kansas City in HDR

We came up to Kansas City on Saturday to spend time with family and friends. I had the opportunity to take some photos from way up high at the Hyatt Regency hotel and am pretty happy with how they turned out. You can click each image below to see a larger version, or view the … Read more

A Picture Today: Moneka on a Horse

I admire my friend J5uliana for posting a picture a day.  I did that once, for over a year, and it's hard!  She did motivate me to at least post a picture today.  Below is a photo of Moneka from about 9 years ago.  It needs no further explanation (click to see larger version.)