What’s in 144 Browser Tabs?

I tweeted a note about how I had 144 tabs open in my browser, possibly a new high! I then thought of the terminally bored or insatiably curious, or perhaps the merely credulous, who might be asking, “what 144 web pages have you looked at in the past 12 days?” (And it’s not all of … Read more

Fractalius Owls

I’m having fun using the Fractalius photoshop plug-in as these 2 images show. Both of these images remind me quite a bit of pen and ink drawings. You can click on either image to see a larger version. Here’s a link to the original, unprocessed image: Steven’s Owl Here’s a link to the original, unprocessed … Read more

Does Mirror Lock-up Matter?

The answer is, quite often, yes. For studio work and landscapes, yes. For action shots of people or animals, the delay can cause problems, so mirror lock-up should not be enabled. Mirror lock-up is a setting on (D)SLR cameras that causes the mirror, which is used to bounce the image up to the viewfinder, to … Read more

Fractalius Flower

And now for something different. This photo of a water lily was processed using the (Windows only) Photoshop plugin Fractalius. (The original version may be seen here.)