Monument Rocks (Monument Flats?)

We made great time on our way from Lindsborg to Colby, and our GPS showed us a route that went right past Monument Rocks on before reaching Oakley and the final approach to Colby via I-70. Like usual, we started our trip by heading due west on Highway 4. Very nice late afternoon drive!

Unfortunately, I had no sooner stepped out of the car at Monument Rocks when I heard a loud hissing sound. It turned out that one of our tires had sprung a leak! I took a few photos right where we had stopped and then headed out towards the highway.

We soon had the tire changed and arrived only about 1/2 hour later than originally planned. Fingers crossed that we can get the tire repaired quickly in the morning; as it is we’re probably going to lose 2 hours. The good news is I get to sleep an hour later than planned.

Oh well, looking at the big picture, these things happen.

Here’s one of the photos of Monument Rocks I took earlier today. It’s not classic shot with the big arch, but given what was going on I’m lucky to even have this one!

Monument Rocks