Wide Angle Take One

Here a few photos I took with my new Canon 10-22 super wide-angle lens. On a 1.6 crop camera that works out to 16-35. It's the widest lens I've ever used, certainly not applicable for all circumstances, but very nice in certain cases. As I often do, I went down to Maxwell Lake to try … Read more

Kansas City in HDR

We came up to Kansas City on Saturday to spend time with family and friends. I had the opportunity to take some photos from way up high at the Hyatt Regency hotel and am pretty happy with how they turned out. You can click each image below to see a larger version, or view the … Read more

A Picture Today: Moneka on a Horse

I admire my friend J5uliana for posting a picture a day.  I did that once, for over a year, and it's hard!  She did motivate me to at least post a picture today.  Below is a photo of Moneka from about 9 years ago.  It needs no further explanation (click to see larger version.)

Dad’s Grandma

Dad was very close to his grandmother.  Not surprising since she raised him for most of his life.  I met her once, back in 1963, and found these photos over the weekend.   I scanned the images below from the original slides.  I'm sure we saw these as kids, but they've probably been packed away … Read more

Built to Last

In June of 1995 we took our first trip to Maui. Here's a pleasant reminder of those happy days.  Also, in keeping with the spirit of the day, recall that Jerry loved to go scuba diving in Hawaii.  Here's a link to a photo of Garcia up close and personal with an octopus: Jerry & … Read more

Such a Long Long Time to Be Gone

and a short time to be there.   It's hard to believe it's been 15 years already.  And with this anniversary coming so soon after dad's death the memories are especially heartfelt. God you played guitar so sweetly.  You could hold entire stadiums in the palm of your hand, lifting them up and propelling them … Read more

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Here's a photo of Jerry Garcia smiling at Bob Weir while playing in the Grateful Dead back in 1980.  I took the photo, developed and printed it, and then 30 years later scanned it in for Jerry's birthday today. Larger version available on Flickr. ::