You Are Not Alone

On Veterans' Day, my thoughts turn to those who haven given the most in service to our nation.  As a peace-time vet, I did not face the threats that too often result in so much anguish for veterans' families.  In that sense both I and my family are lucky. As a veteran, I will never, … Read more

Toyota Highlander Heater Control Head Repair

I got a call today regarding the repair of the heater in our 2003 Toyota Highlander. They wanted $850 dollars to get things working again; almost $700 of that was for the "heater control head."  Background: we've had problems for years where the heater would come on, full blast, and would only turn off when … Read more

Colorful Peppers in Salina

We dropped by Oakdale Park in Salina a couple of weeks back and were surprised to find that the area around the fountain was decorated with hundreds of colorful peppers! Naturally I had to run back to the car and get my camera. Here are 3 of my favorite shots; there are more on Flickr. … Read more