Crimson, White and Indigo

Today is the day we set aside to give thanks and pay respect to those who have sacrificed their lives in defense of our country. In their honor I've created the following photo set, based on images from the McPherson cemetary, processed using Fractalius and accompanied by some lyrics from Standing on the Moon*. Standing … Read more

Yucca Variations

As noted in the previous post, I did some interesting image processing on some photos I took at Coronado Heights recently. After I did the initial processing using Fractalius, I next created 6 variations of this clump of Yucca flowers. Below is the green variation and its negative. You can see the rest on my … Read more

Fractalius Flowers

I just love how these Yucca flowers take on the appearance of a luminous watercolor painting after being processed with the Fractalius plugin. :: This closeup of a Yucca pod is pretty intense. :: The Scarecrow from Oz. :: These photos were taken on Coronado Heights in late May of 2010. You can click on … Read more

Drupalcon 2010 Trip Report

Drupalcon 2010 Trip Report Drupalcon 2010 was held in San Francisco the week of April 19th. As the name implies, the focus of this conference was on the open-source Content Management System known as Drupal. The conference was well run and the sessions I attended were of uniformly high quality. I’ve been to a few … Read more

Spring in California, HDR Style

We recently returned from a combination business and pleasure trip that took us out to northern California. As always, my camera traveled with me. It was a great visit, with a wonderful week spent with my colleagues in Palo Alto, followed by the Drupalcon conference in San Francisco and concluding with a very nice stay … Read more

Lake Tahoe Refresh

After 15 days on the road, working and then attending Drupalcon, we’ve come to a nice resting place at the Best Western Timber Cove Lodge at Lake Tahoe. We had originally booked a normal, non-view room, for one night and expected to be located near the front of the property, facing the highway. When we … Read more

Monument Rocks (Monument Flats?)

We made great time on our way from Lindsborg to Colby, and our GPS showed us a route that went right past Monument Rocks on before reaching Oakley and the final approach to Colby via I-70. Like usual, we started our trip by heading due west on Highway 4. Very nice late afternoon drive! Unfortunately, … Read more

Cedar Waxwing

I finally got see the long-rumored Cedar Waxwings this weekend. Yesterday evening there were more than a dozen sitting in one of our trees. This morning I took a few photos, but never could get positioned for any great images. I did like these two enough to share; don’t forget you can click on the … Read more

What’s in 144 Browser Tabs?

I tweeted a note about how I had 144 tabs open in my browser, possibly a new high! I then thought of the terminally bored or insatiably curious, or perhaps the merely credulous, who might be asking, “what 144 web pages have you looked at in the past 12 days?” (And it’s not all of … Read more

Fractalius Owls

I’m having fun using the Fractalius photoshop plug-in as these 2 images show. Both of these images remind me quite a bit of pen and ink drawings. You can click on either image to see a larger version. Here’s a link to the original, unprocessed image: Steven’s Owl Here’s a link to the original, unprocessed … Read more