December in the Golden State

I was in California recently for a relatively rare late in the year visit to meet with my colleagues at work. Of course I was able to take some photos during the trip, starting with some aerial shots on the flight from Dallas to San Francisco. This photo show where the central valley meets up … Read more

LCH Lobby Photos

Late last summer I was contacted by Betty Nelson, director of marketing at the Lindsborg Community Hospital. It seems they were remodeling the hospital lobby and were at the point of determining how they wanted to decorate the walls. That’s where I came in. They wanted a variety of nature and scenic shots, from the … Read more

French Tourism Stamps from 1961

I haven’t had a chance to work on my stamp collection for some, but today was the day! I scanned in a set of French stamps from 1961. They were designed to promote tourism.  I guess it worked in some sense as I picked them up in a Parisian stamp mart back in 2009! I … Read more

Pedal Power Tour Photos

I went for my 3rd group ride of the season on Saturday. The ride was known as the Pedal Power Tour and was part of the Autumn in the Valley celebration in Marquette, KS. I had a great time! It was a fun ride over mostly flat land; there were only a couple of small … Read more

Svensk Hyllningsfest Parade 2011

One of the highlights of Svensk Hyllningsfest, Lindsborg’s biennial celebration of its Swedish heritage, is the Saturday morning parade. Sheryl and I were both in the parade when we were kids, and fast-fowarding 40 years finds our grand-daughter Moneka marching in the same parade! This year’s special guests included the Swedish ambassador to the US … Read more

Time-lapse Carnival Rides

We went to the Kansas State Fair after work on Monday. After doing the usual fair things, including eating a BBQ turkey leg, it was time to take some photos. Once again I decided to try my hand at capturing some interesting time-lapse photos of the carnival rides. I was worried that I wasn’t getting … Read more

Summer Flyers

We took the back roads home from our trip to Abilene. Along the way we stopped and got some nice photos of some “summer flyers” including hummingbird moths, Monarch butterflies and some bumble bees that were so pollen-laden they could hardly fly! All but one of the images below were processed using the Fractalius photoshop … Read more

First Organized Bike Ride

I rode in the Dickinson County Road Race today, my first time participating in an organized, complete with t-shirt and SAG support ride. Here I am all dressed up and ready to go! We left from Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas right at 7am.  I didn’t count the number of riders, but would guess it … Read more

Vintage Red Bike

I picked up a steel-frame bike at a garage sale today but it has been painted over, so I don’t who made the bike. The seller thought it was from the early ’80s. The fork drop-out has the word TANGE-TF visible. The rim (original?) is an Araya labeled ARAYA 27×1 1/4 W/O HP. JAPAN. The … Read more

Smoky Hill River Panorama

Panoramic view of the Smoky Hill River near Lindsborg. Admin note: I moved the site from Rackspace back to Pair. The details and why are best left for a different post, but suffice to say I’ve been with for close to 10 years now and remain a very happy customer (and get nothing for … Read more