First Organized Bike Ride

I rode in the Dickinson County Road Race today, my first time participating in an organized, complete with t-shirt and SAG support ride. Here I am all dressed up and ready to go! We left from Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas right at 7am.  I didn’t count the number of riders, but would guess it … Read more

Vintage Red Bike

I picked up a steel-frame bike at a garage sale today but it has been painted over, so I don’t who made the bike. The seller thought it was from the early ’80s. The fork drop-out has the word TANGE-TF visible. The rim (original?) is an Araya labeled ARAYA 27×1 1/4 W/O HP. JAPAN. The … Read more

Smoky Hill River Panorama

Panoramic view of the Smoky Hill River near Lindsborg. Admin note: I moved the site from Rackspace back to Pair. The details and why are best left for a different post, but suffice to say I’ve been with for close to 10 years now and remain a very happy customer (and get nothing for … Read more

Failure of the Shoe/Cleat/Pedal Interface

It all began when my Mirracycle came loose and fell off in the middle of the street. I was going to come to a stop, dismount, and walk back to pick it up. Things didn’t quite turn out as planned. When the clipless bike shoe, shown below, :: is separated from its cleat, that is … Read more