LCH Lobby Photos

Late last summer I was contacted by Betty Nelson, director of marketing at the Lindsborg Community Hospital. It seems they were remodeling the hospital lobby and were at the point of determining how they wanted to decorate the walls.

That’s where I came in. They wanted a variety of nature and scenic shots, from the local area; I have taken quite a number of photos that qualify, and they liked what they had seen on my Flickr pages.

They wanted 15 images to use on the walls and of course I agreed to donate my work. I’m honored that my take on our local surroundings were considered appropriate for this purpose.

And I have to say that when I reviewed the set of 15 images they had chosen I could see why they were chosen. Each and every one was appropriate for a hospital waiting room. With that context in mind there are images of upheaval, change, separation, hope and more!

You can see the entire set of images at a new site I set up, Back Roads Studio Smoky Valley Photography.