July Clouds (in HDR)

I was fortunate to capture a few images demonstrating the dramatic storm clouds that are common in central Kansas in the summer. The first two are from early July, and the last one is from later in the month. Larger versions over at Flickr. The first two were taken north of McPherson. :: This one … Read more

July 4th Fireworks 2011

I love fireworks so much I posted over 40 images to my 2011 fireworks set on Flickr. I usually post 3-5 images per blog posting, but today’s comes in with a baker’s dozen! That’s because I added a few that I had prepared last year but never posted due to more pressing personal concerns at … Read more

Summer Saturday

We drove over to Kanopolis late on Saturday, taking the back roads all the way! When we were done we grabbed a light supper at the Smoky Hill Trading Post, located on the south shore of the lake. Unlike the reconstituted crap they call potato salad that most places serve these days, the SHTP makes … Read more

Friday 5

Posted on Saturday, but the photos are from Friday! The first two are from my camera phone, and the last 3 were taken with my DSLR.   I rode my bike down to the old railroad bridge and took a few photos. More details, including a GPS map of my ride, are available on the … Read more

14 for Moneka

In recognition of our granddaughter Moneka’s 14th birthday, I posted a set of 14 photos from her life on Flickr:  14 for Moneka. Here’s my 5 favorite shots of those 14: One year old! :: Four, sassy & spunky years old. :: Eight years old, getting a head start on the whole vampire thing? :: … Read more

La Jolla, Pelicans and More

I moved this site from WordPress to Drupal back in early 2010.  This weekend, in what turned out to be the proverbial busman’s holiday, I migrated the site back to wordpress.  The reasons why, and the details of how remain for a separate post. To inaugurate the new site, here’s an entry with some photos … Read more

Desert Near Blythe in HDR

On our way home from a business trip last month we spent a day exploring the desert south west of Blythe, California. We were looking for geodes and other interesting rocks.  That, and indulging in our love of roads that barely qualify for the name!   The stark beauty of the desert never fails to … Read more

Black Midnight Cake with White Mountain Frosting

I was making supper for the moms in my family and thought, too bad nobody thought about dessert.  Then I thought, hey, wait a minute, I’m the one that’s cooking tonight! A few minutes later I had found the recipe for Betty Crocker’s Black Midnight cake with White Mountain frosting. It looked like a great … Read more

Spring Flowers

What says spring better than flowers? Here are some of my favorites from the Elizabeth Gamble Garden Center in Palo Alto, taken in early April 2011. A larger selection is available on my Flickr site: Spring Flowers.