Nature by the Bay

Wow! I think this has been one of my longest breaks from blogging since I began back in 2002. Like many, I am posting short thoughts and interesting links via Twitter and Facebook. But still, 6 weeks between posts!?!  … Ok, moving right along.   We recently returned from a long week road trip that took us out … Read more

Fractalius March

Here are some nice Fractalius flowers to begin the month of March. Sheryl's responsible for all 3 flowers: 2 orchids and a blooming Christmas cactus.I really like how the Fractalius filter can be used to bring out the texture, especially of the lighter colored orchid.  You can click on any image to see a larger … Read more

Fractalious February

Over the past year or so I've learned that certain photos will often produce great results when processed with the Fractalius filter. I had a variety of likely candidates work with and below are a few images that turned out well to my eye. Late December sunset, Coronado Heights. I think the bottom version is … Read more

The Blizzard of OZ 2011

Today's weather was very dramatic! We had very cold temperatures, snow and blowing winds all day.  The birds were so focused on eating and drinking that they were less shy than usual, so I was able to get a few photos.  My favorites are shown below, and a few more are visible in the Blizzard … Read more

Amazon Warning

UPDATE: On February 4th, we received a check for the full amount in dispute.  It was a bit of a pyrrhic victory considering how much time it took to get resolved, but in the end Amazon did the right thing. UPDATE: Amazon contacted me to tell me the check would be returned and that to be … Read more

The Champ is Back!

I've had this 1979 Fender Champ guitar amp for a few years, (picked it up used at Starving Musician on Meridian in San Jose).  It's a nice amp, with a real potent sound, but for the past couple of years it lie unused, waiting to be repaired. In November I had the main filter cap … Read more