Two Souls in Communion

Perhaps it’s due to our own anniversary coming up in a couple of months*, but I was struck by this article that related the story of an elderly couple who had been married over 70 years and who died within hours of each other: 70 years together, only hours apart It brought to mind the … Read more

Wilson Lake Blanket Race 2012

Today I did something I’d never done before. I rode a mountain bike on a genuine, suitable for mountain bikes and billy goats, rugged as hell mountain bike trail! It was a blast. It also kicked my ass. I worked harder in 90 minutes to go a bare 4 miles than I have ¬†in the … Read more

Favorite Photos from 2011

Happy New Year! I’m sitting here listening to the former members of the Grateful Dead perform a concert in San Francisco thanks to the power of Sirius satellite radio. ¬†Excellent show, worth tuning in! While listening to the concert I’ve reviewed my 2011 photos selected my favorite images from the past year. I posted a … Read more