Favorite Photos from 2012

Here’s part one of my baker’s dozen favorite photos from 2012. I’ve provided a caption below each photo as well as links to additional photos and commentary.

Now available: The Rest of My Favorite Photos from 2012.

Also available: the full set, featuring much larger versions of most photos, on Flickr: 2012 Best Photos.

Albuquerque sunrise
Proof that I have seen an occasional sunrise, this beauty is from Albuquerque. Additional photos from March: Misc March 2012 and March archives.

fractalius tulips
These fractalius tulips were taken in March of 2012, at the Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto. There are many more of these colorful beauties in this Flickr set: March Flowers 2012.

bike at sunset
This sunset photo of my bike was taken at the base of Coronado Heights in April. Additional photos are posted on my blog: April Sunset Bike Ride.

playful foxes
In May, Sheryl took me to see this very cute, very photogenic, family of foxes. You can see more of these playful young foxes in this Flickr set: Baby Foxes at Play.

fractalius baby owl
My brother hosts a family of owls in his yard, and this June I was fortunate enough to get a few good photos. You can see photos of the father and the other baby owls in this post: Screech Owl and Chick.

back road bike ride
I really enjoyed my spring rides, rambling through the country and finding the most remote roads imaginable. Read more: Country Roads From a Bike in June.