Gettin’ Better

All the time. Well I know that blood pressure control starts with diet and exercise. I’ve been exercising, to the tune of 2400+ miles ridden on my bike in the past 12 months! Plus, we’ve always eaten reasonably well, not too much in the way of fast foods or fried foods. We did eat more … Read more

Mike’s 365

I’m almost 6 weeks into a ¬†what is planned to be a year long photography project and it seems like a good time to share. As a photographic, creative and self-discipline challenge I’m taking a photo a day and posting it on a Tumblr blog called Mike’s 365. Now, I’ve done something similar in the … Read more

Photos from Early 2013

Here are some of my favorite photos from early 2013. Unless otherwise noted, I took all of the images with a Canon 5D Mk II and a Canon 24-105 lens. Larger versions of these and related photos are available on Flickr: Lindsborg Sunset Winter 2013 Early 2013 Now, on to the pictures! The first two … Read more