Photos from Early 2013

Here are some of my favorite photos from early 2013. Unless otherwise noted, I took all of the images with a Canon 5D Mk II and a Canon 24-105 lens.

Larger versions of these and related photos are available on Flickr:

Lindsborg Sunset Winter 2013

Early 2013

Now, on to the pictures!

Lindsborg sunset Smoky Hill River

Lindsborg sunset North Park

The first two come from the same day. Near sunset, wearing a backpack holding my camera and tripod, I rode my bike down to the river. I setup on the bridge, took a few shots, and then headed to the north park where I took a few more shots.

Lindsborg sunset a riot of color

This sunset is a riot of color! I just stepped out my front door and snapped away! (taken with a Canon Powershot S100)

star trails

These star trails are a composite of 200 images taken over an hour period, with each photo exposed for 16 seconds.

female cardinal

A very nice female cardinal. (5DII and Canon 100-400 lens at 400)

fractalized Medinilla flower

A pretty, fractalized Medinilla flower.

Smoky Hill Cemetery sunset

Sunset at the Smoky Hill Cemetery, northwest of Lindsborg.

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