Sales: Doing it Right

Now that was a good salesman. Caller ID said ATT Service, but of course, it was ATT Sales.

I told him I didn’t make service plan changes without doing my homework and that I certainly didn’t reward sales people who used a caller ID that indicated it was a *service* call.

I say he was good because he took my complaint with out being defensive, and when I asked he readily gave me the URL for more information on the plan. He then, knowing there wasn’t going to be a sale tonight, answered my questions.

Well, my one main question. He had said that my current DSL service was stuck, no speed changes, upgrades or anything. This is where he earned his bonus points.

When he started in on the bit about “eventually no more DSL on copper” I cut him off. I said there will *always* be copper to my house, no matter how much I want fiber. He agreed and knew enough to say he meant fiber to the network connection point, which could be a block or a mile away. So that was good, he wasn’t just reading a script (or he had it well memorized; pseduo-Turing test?)

In the end he gave me a call back number where he said they would honor the special he had (tried) to offer, no hard sell, buy now pressure at all.

The good and bad news is the initial lie worked. I knew it was probably a sales call, but the Caller ID did say Service. ATT loses points (wait, they’re already in the hole!) for using a dishonest approach.