Valley Cafe

Today we had occasion to eat lunch over at the Valley Cafe in Marquette. I’d heard good things about the food for quite some time, and my only disapointment is that I waited this long to enjoy their wonderful food. It being Sunday, I naturally had the Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding. Naturally? Yes, because … Read more

Chocolate Harleys and More

I came across this picture of a Harley carved out of chocolate and wanted to share, especially with my brothers, one of whom recently purchased a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. As it turns out, the bike was carved by famous artist Jim Victor who works using a variety of media. In the food carving … Read more

Butterfly Birthday Cake

A month or so ago I came across an interesting web site that led to the creation of the Butterfly cake shown below. Back in the 1950’s or 60’s the makers of Baker’s Angel Flake coconut produced a multi-page, full color recipe book. Of course, each recipe prominently featured coconut, but the title of the … Read more

Bento Art

Power lunching in Japan: The one shown above is for Moneka, who loves PPG! There are another 1/2 dozen or so of these imaginative creations available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to memepool for the link.

Heading North

Our latest journey, a road trip to Seattle to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, got off to a low-key start today. We left San Jose around 9am and with little effort (and virtually no traffic problems) made it to Eureka around 4pm. We’re heading up to Brookings tomorrow; it’s located 5 miles into Oregon from … Read more

Vegas Strip Food and Photos

During our stay we’ve had a variety of interesting meals; returning to sentimental favorites for the buffet at Ballys and the 10.99$ steak and lobster at the Stardust, plus a nice dinner at Postrio. The first two places still met expectations (and I did get enough of the peeled shrimp at Ballys); Postrio delivered a … Read more

From the Garden

For some reason I’ve become interested by the idea of growing our own onions. I’ve been growing them from seed for a couple of years now and this year was the best yet. Shown below are a few of the freshly harvested sweet Vidalia and basic red onions (the Italian Cippolini aren’t shown, but we … Read more

Good Fish, Bad Fish

In recent years the word has been getting out that certain species of fish are being over-harvested and as such should be avoided by the dining and fish buying public. In the words of the Steinhart Aquarium: ” Only from the sea do we still regularly capture our fare from nature. But two or three … Read more

Even Celebrities Do It

enjoy fine cooking, that is. 🙂 At first I thought this was a spoof site, and I guess it is in some ways, but there’s no denying that they have many sumptious food photos: Food P*rn.