40 years ago today the world got a first hand look at how small our home is compared to the vastness of space. Earthrise was taken by astronaut William Anders on board Apollo 8 as it circled the moon on Christmas Eve, 1968. Isn’t she beautiful?

A Rare Occurrence

From what I read, this particular conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon won’t happen for another 44 years. Here’s hoping I’ll be here for the encore! I have to admit, if I had realized just how rare tonight’s gathering was I would have tried for a more scenic location than a city parking lot, … Read more

Cities at Night, from Space

Here’s a link to a fascinating video. Taken from the space shuttle, this 10 minute video shows photos of cities at night from around the world. Check out the spoke based cities of Europe and how they contrast to the grid-based cities of the American west. The photos were taken using a home-made barn-door photography … Read more

Backyard Milky Way

My on again, off again interest in astronomy is on the rise again, and this time I plan to focus on an area that’s always held my interest, astrophotography. I’ve dabbled before, but never really engaged, but I think this time will be different. Rather than focusing on some telescope I wanted to buy, and … Read more

Modern Storm Watching

Back when I was a kid we had nothing like modern weather radar systems to keep us informed about storms and heavy weather. As I recall, there was some trick involving tuning the TV (antenna, of course, no cable back then) to an unused channel; exactly how this was supposed to warn us of tornadoes … Read more

Io Eruptions

Though almost 10 years old, these fascinating photos were recently chosen as NASA’s image(s) of the day. This image is of Jupiter’s moon Io, and shows two sulfurous eruptions. The one in the middle has been visible in every picture taken since 1979.

Earth from Mars

The Mars Exploration Rovers continue to function and provide useful scientific data more than two years after arriving on the Red Planet. Here’s a recent image showing Earth as seen from Mars; humbling, isn’t it? Click the image to see a larger version.

Aerial Geology

Thanks to Doc for the link to this incredible photo essay: Geology by Light Plane , designed and created by a college professor 40 years ago, and now available on the web. Professor Louis Maher felt that the teaching of geology lent itself to visual presentation methods. Source material was available for in-class use, but … Read more

Transparent Butterflies

I recently came across a few images of some fascinating butterflies with an unusual twist: their wings are mostly transparent! Informally known as the transparent butterfly, their official name is the Glasswing Butterfly. They are found in Central America, and I wanted to post these images and links for my daughter Lisa, who loves butterflies. … Read more

Save a Snowflake

Since we’ve almost had more snow this spring than we had last winter, it seemed appropriate to share this interesting article I found on a simple method to preserve snowflakes. Actually, thinking about it, this might be a fun project for a junior high aged science class. I posted on a related subject, snowflake photography, … Read more