8 Cores Good

Software that can utilize all 8 cores, even better!

Peanuts 2004

Here’s a link to a fun quicktime movie; I don’t think I appreciated how wildly they danced before! And the music is thoroughly 21st century.

West Wing Watch

I don’t watch much TV, but West Wing caught my eye last year, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. If you like the show, or are just curious about it, the West Wing Watch is a good place find reviews of past episodes, gossipy comments about the shows’ actors, and the gaffe watch, where errors … Read more

Now That You Mention It

I was reviewing David Hyatt’s site and found his comments regarding the season finale of The West Wing meshed almost exactly with mine. It’s pretty hard to engage in ‘suspension of belief’ with so many obvious plot holes. I hadn’t really thought about the bullet-proof vest before; the fact he appeared to assume there was … Read more