Franklin Fluorescent Minerals

I realized I haven’t taken any photos of my fluorescent minerals using a digital SLR. I decided it was time, and took a practice run a few days ago. The results are promising, though I can see some areas for improvement. All of the minerals below are from the Franklin/Sterling Hills area of New Jersey; … Read more

Kiwanis Presentation

Last week I had the honor and privilege of giving a presentation to our local Kiwanis club on the topic of collecting fluorescent minerals. The person who takes minutes takes very detailed minutes, including the names of the rocks I presented and so on. Given the slightly technical nature of the talk, I was given … Read more

Friday Glow Blogging: Uranium Glass

And now, it’s time for something a little different. It’s not only rocks that glow when exposed to UV light; a few summers ago we discovered that the scorpions on Coronado Heights glow with a soft creamy color. This brightly colored creamer is an example of uranium glass. Sometimes known as vaseline glass, depending on … Read more

Friday Glow Blogging: Creamy Fluorite

This week’s glowblog entry is a creamy brown piece of fluorite from Ohio. Activated by long-wave ultraviolet light, this piece stands in contrast to the more brightly colored blue fluorite, such as what may be found in England. It’s also interesting in that Ohio and Kentucky do produce large amounts of fluorite, in the form … Read more

Friday Glowrocks Blogging

Hey, I’ve seen Friday Orchid Blogging as well as the now prototypical Friday Cat Blogging, so I’m adding Friday Glowrocks Blogging, a new, occasional feature of this site featuring images from my collection of fluorescent minerals. Glowrocks is a term I coined for referring to minerals that fluoresce under ultraviolet (UV) lighting. This week’s entry … Read more