March Cycling Update

Early March has come on like a lion when it comes to riding my bike! So far, I’ve gone on 7 rides over the past 9 days, totaling 90 miles on 5 different trails and roads. What follows are photos and notes from each of the 5 routes. Bay Trail This is my main riding … Read more

Coronado Heights Trail

Following my introduction to intense single-track mountain biking on the Switchgrass Trail at Wilson Lake I turned my attention to the local trail, located at nearby Coronado Heights. In a word, wow! I didn’t realize how much action could be packed into such a relatively small amount of space. I haven’t ridden the entire trail … Read more

Wilson Lake Blanket Race 2012

Today I did something I’d never done before. I rode a mountain bike on a genuine, suitable for mountain bikes and billy goats, rugged as hell mountain bike trail! It was a blast. It also kicked my ass. I worked harder in 90 minutes to go a bare 4 miles than I have  in the … Read more

Pedal Power Tour Photos

I went for my 3rd group ride of the season on Saturday. The ride was known as the Pedal Power Tour and was part of the Autumn in the Valley celebration in Marquette, KS. I had a great time! It was a fun ride over mostly flat land; there were only a couple of small … Read more

First Organized Bike Ride

I rode in the Dickinson County Road Race today, my first time participating in an organized, complete with t-shirt and SAG support ride. Here I am all dressed up and ready to go! We left from Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas right at 7am.  I didn’t count the number of riders, but would guess it … Read more

Vintage Red Bike

I picked up a steel-frame bike at a garage sale today but it has been painted over, so I don’t who made the bike. The seller thought it was from the early ’80s. The fork drop-out has the word TANGE-TF visible. The rim (original?) is an Araya labeled ARAYA 27×1 1/4 W/O HP. JAPAN. The … Read more