Images from Tahoe

I’ve put together a select sampling of the photos I took when we were up at Tahoe recently. Here’s a teaser; the rest of the images are over at

Tahoe Getaway

We took off a couple of days last week and spent a few days up at Lake Tahoe. The weather was great, with warm temps and great visibility. Spent some time geocaching, driving around the lake taking pictures, and just enjoying the change of pace. We even snuck in a quick trip over to Bridgeport … Read more

Takin’ it Easy

Spent a pleasant and relaxing weekend down in Monterey. Had good meals at both Phil’s Fishmarket on the way down, and tried Monterey Joe’s for dinner. M-Joe’s was about what you’d expect from a place named *anything* Joe’s; hearty and not bad. Spent most of the time down by the water in Pacific Grove. The … Read more

Knock Me Over With a Feather!

I recently joined a photo sharing and review site known as photoSIG. I uploaded an image that family and friends have commented favorably upon, steeled for all manner of negative comments, or perhaps worse, no comments at all! I’ve seen plenty of photos on the site that have nary one word of feedback … Imagine … Read more

Escape to SeaEscape

We recently spent a nice long weekend at SeaEscape, near Elk on the Mendocino coast. SeaEscape is a private vacation rental, perched on a cliff directly above the Pacific ocean. The house features 3 bedrooms, 2 that are ocean facing, a large hottub, and a fully equipped (and well stocked!) kitchen, a fireplace and a … Read more

Seafoam / Buckhorn Photos

Starting w/the 146 pictures taken during 5 days in Mendocino, I’ve selected the best, most representative ones and made them available on the web. After selecting, sorting, and renaming, the only thing left to publish the photos was to copy them to a shared (via samba) folder on my local linux box. There I’m running … Read more

Twin Lakes, July 2002

Using the IDS, perl CGI based solution, I’ve put together a slide show: IDS: Mike & Sheryl’s PhotoBlog :: of our recent trip to the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. There are more photos here.