Farley’s National Park Stamps

I’ll conclude this mini-flurry of stamp postings with an American classic: the National Parks, as commissioned by Postmaster General Farley in the 1930s. They are part of a set of stamps known as Farley’s Follies, due to the fact they were first printed as favors for the President and his cabinet and friends, but had … Read more

The Sun Never Set

On the non-topical side of stamp collecting, I collect world-wide from the 1800s through the early 1950s, including US stamps through the mid-60s or so. One area I really enjoy is British colonies from before WWII. The finely crafted little snapshots of island life, flora and fauna, along with the nice colors, evoke a strong … Read more

Hit Man

Blame it on Keller. No, nobody died, but my long dormant interest in collecting stamps has been revived and I blame Keller. Now he of course held topical collecting in disdain, and I can understand that, but nonetheless, I’m beginning my online stamp album with one of my favorites, a Swedish stamp from 1978 that … Read more