Escher, by Lego

No, really. Escher’s Ascending & Descending, rendered using LEGO colored blocks, shows what two creative minds, with too much time on their hands, are capable of unleashing on an unsuspecting world.

Microsoft Updates BSOD

Those annoying blue screens displayed by microsoft computers upon an unrecoverable system error, commonly known as the “blue screen of death” (BSOD), are in line for a major upgrade. Realizing an opportunity to both make more money as well as relieve some of the frustration felt by users who experience a bsod, microsoft will be … Read more

Above and Beyond

From memepool comes the story of an overzealous (and that’s being kind) service technician who took the customer’s car out for a test drive: “… DROVE A ’03 COBRA VERT TODAY THAT WAS IN THE SHOP, ME AND ANOTHER TECH TOOK IT OUT AND DROVE IT, DROVE HER HARD, 6 SPEED TRANNY, WE HIT 140 … Read more

I Think He’s Got a Point!

Written in response to the late 1990’s decision by the Kansas Board of Education having voted to eliminate the teaching of evolution, this Memo From God is still a good read today.

Assembled With Care

I recently built a new home computer system, though that’s not what this post is about. While I didn’t have any serious problems, I’m *sure* things would have gone even better had I used the crack assembly team this fellow used: Team Lego!

Insanity Test

I’m guessing this is mostly a guy (boy?) thing, but I got a kick out of it: The Insanity Test

hihihi hihihi

I often think that cleverness and creativity are (when we’re not busy killing each other) two of the behaviours that strongly mark us as human. You have to follow this link to “get it”. 🙂 Google Search: hihihi

Karaoke via Dictionary

Thanks to BrettB for this most excellent parody site, where a variety of songs are “sung” using the spoken words from online dictionaries. Yes, that’s exactly what the site is, and you’ll just have to hear it for yourself! 🙂 Dictionaraoke Mirror Site

Presidential Orders

I don’t often agree with the shrub, but this memo, ostensibly leaked from the navel postgraduate school, seems to suggest a reasonable course of action. Note too that only the day, not the date, is specified, so this can be an ongoing campaign. Subject: Saturday afternoon activities The President of the United States, George W. … Read more

You Know You’re From Kansas

I’m sure this humorous list would be recogized by folks across the midwest, not just those in Kansas. But then I’m originally from Kansas, so what do I know? You Know You’re From Kansas 23 Sep. 2004 the link above is broken, but thanks to the Wayback machine, I’ve recovered a copy and posted it … Read more