Spring Ramble

(All the Pages (are my days) was first published 11 years ago today.) I took a nice country ramble today on my bike. It really is spring now, and it was beautiful on the back roads south and east of Lindsborg. I took a few photos along the way and my favorites are shown below. … Read more

Country Roads from a Bike in June

Though the month is not yet finished I thought I’d share a few of the photos I’ve taken while biking around the Lindsborg area during June. You can see more June biking photos and larger versions on Flickr, here and here. This photo was taken southwest of Lindsborg, just east of Eighth Avenue on Quivira … Read more

Battle Creek Winter

Battle Creek, near the spillway at McPherson County State Lake (Maxwell). This post debuts a new feature on this site. On select posts, you can now click on the image and see a larger version, all without leaving the page you’re viewing! This feature is commonly known as a lightbox, and is implemented using the … Read more

Svensk Hyllningsfest 2009

Lindsborg’s Swedish Honoring Festival, officially known as Svensk Hyllningsfest, has been celebrated since 1941. Here are a few photos from the first day. Additional photos are available at Flickr.

Rural Kansas Summer 2009

Besides supporting Sheryl as she recuperated from her hip replacement surgery, upgrading this site to Drupal, and keeping very busy at work, I did find time to take a few photos during the past month. Here are 10 of my recent favorites, and of course there are more at Flickr. Rose of Sharon :: Cows … Read more

Late Spring Evening, near Lindsborg

It was a very pleasant evening and after being cooped up in a hospital since Thursday Sheryl took full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a nice sunset from Coronado Heights. There was a cloud that looked big enough to eat Lindsborg, but by sunset it had mostly dissipated. :: Earlier we visited Lakeside Park … Read more

Cardinal & Oriole

As Sheryl put it, it was a Mother’s Day gift from nature when the cardinal and oriole posed for me late Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t as good as the return of our apparently lost for good cockatiel, Ginger, would have been, (she flew off a few days ago and hasn’t been seen since), but we’ve … Read more

Critter Day at Maxwell State Park

Late Friday afternoon was certainly the time for animal viewing at Maxwell State Park, southeast of Lindsborg. When we drove in from the east there was a small group of elk grazing on the south ridge. They were amenable to being photographed, so I set up and got started. A few minutes later, as we … Read more

Coronado Heights Fire

There was a fire on Coronado Heights late in the afternoon today.

Kansas, Early Winter 2008-09

Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks while driving the backroads of rural Kansas. They caught my eye while I was reviewing some recent photos and I decided to put together a small batch to share; please enjoy this little mini-tour of north-central Kansas, from Mushroom Rock Park in the … Read more