Halloween 1983

I just remembered where we were 30 years ago! We were watching the Grateful Dead at the Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, a small (2000 seat) hall. It was a “stealth” show. Tickets were only announced via word-of-mouth, and available only via mail order. We got our order in on time and there we were! Anticipation … Read more

Two Souls in Communion

Perhaps it’s due to our own anniversary coming up in a couple of months*, but I was struck by this article that related the story of an elderly couple who had been married over 70 years and who died within hours of each other: 70 years together, only hours apart It brought to mind the … Read more

Chicken Pickin’ Amps Princeton Reverb Clone

I've been thinking about getting a Fender Princeton Reverb for some time, and lately had been considering the benefits of buying a clone, primarily for the increased quality of components. When I came across a used copy of the relatively obscure Chicken Picken' amp for sale at a good price I decided now was the time. … Read more

The Champ is Back!

I've had this 1979 Fender Champ guitar amp for a few years, (picked it up used at Starving Musician on Meridian in San Jose).  It's a nice amp, with a real potent sound, but for the past couple of years it lie unused, waiting to be repaired. In November I had the main filter cap … Read more

Such a Long Long Time to Be Gone

and a short time to be there.   It's hard to believe it's been 15 years already.  And with this anniversary coming so soon after dad's death the memories are especially heartfelt. God you played guitar so sweetly.  You could hold entire stadiums in the palm of your hand, lifting them up and propelling them … Read more

Night Sky October

We saw Bob Dylan in Salina on Friday, and on the way home I stopped to take a few night photos. Tonight’s concert was probably the best performance by Bob Dylan that I’ve ever seen, surpassing the wonderful May 1995 show at the Berkeley Community Theater, and vastly better than the Kansas City show a … Read more

Her Morning Elegance

If everything is working, here’s an embedded video that I recently found. The stop action footage is delightful, and the accompanying song is pretty nice as well. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Eleganceby IgnitionVM Here’s a direct link to the video if the embedded version doesn’t work: Her Morning Elegance Thanks to Matt at the … Read more

Willie Nelson at the Stiefel Theater

We had the good fortune to see Willie Nelson in concert at the Stiefel Theater in Salina on Tuesday evening (earlier today from my perspective). I had the even better fortune of taking a few reasonably good photos. We were in the last row of the lower balcony; great views and wonderful sound! Willie was … Read more

A Fitting Tribute

Thanks to Cowtown Pattie over at Texas Trifles for the link to a great song that honors the memory of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the “Big Bopper,” who perished in an airplane crash 50 years ago today. The song is the Beatles classic, A Day in the Life and it works surprisingly well in … Read more

Pink Paisley Telecaster

I fell in love with this guitar when I first saw it a few months ago, and when circumstances worked out, it became my birthday present today. It’s a Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster, 1968 Reissue, Crafted in Japan instrument and is nearly as high in quality as American made Fenders. It tuned up very nicely, … Read more