All the Pages on Drupal

I’ve moved this site, All the Pages, from WordPress to Drupal. This is just a short test post. If you can see this, then it looks like everything is working. Watch for a “real” post coming soon!

All Good Things in All Good Time

Today I announced that I’ll be ceasing the publication of my photoblog, luminosity, when the 500th image is posted in a few days. I wanted to mention it here as well, because this is where I first announced luminosity, and I’ve discussed the site a few times since then. Below is what I had to … Read more

Frozen Light at the State Fair

For the 2nd year in a row I tried my hand at taking long-exposure images of the carnival rides at the Kansas State Fair. Though the rides were mostly the same as last year, I was able to get quite a number of photos that are quite different from the year before. As last year, … Read more

WordPress Migration Update

A few days into offering All the Pages via the WordPress blogging system things seem to be going pretty well. The redirects from the old site are working and my modest traffic levels haven’t changed to any degree (though I think it will take 2-3 weeks before that’s a certainty). Somehow when I imported the … Read more

Welcome to My New Web Home

Same address as before, but the site is now primarily powered by WordPress. After loading a test copy of my content on Sunday, and spending a few hours Monday and Tuesday evening making sure everything was the way I wanted it, I decided it was ready to go. I still have some odd and ends … Read more

Moving to WordPress?

I’m strongly considering migrating this site from MovableType to WordPress. You can see a preview of my WordPress site here: All the Pages, WordPress Edition! I’ve been looking at a couple of different themes, and variations on those themes, and am close to making a decision; if you have any thoughts after reviewing the new … Read more

First WordPress Entry

I’m considering changing the software that powers this site, and this is the first post using the new software, WordPress. You can return to the MovableType version of the site via this link (no longer active).

Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks the 6th anniversary of All the Pages (are my days). It’s been fun and exciting to have been involved in something that started out as perhaps another techno-fad and which has now turned into a mainstream activity. One type of blogging that I’ve enjoyed over the years is travel blogging. I’ve sort of … Read more

Site Upgrade

This entry is to note the upgrade to MovableType version 4.1 as well as to test the installation.

Minor Site Update

Visitors to this site may have noticed a new menu bar at the top of the page. I added this bit of navigation, which provides links to various sites I maintain, to make it easier for folks to find those sites. The new menu is shown below (slightly adjusted to fit): All the Pages | … Read more