Mac Eclipse Setup

Having successfully resolved my PHP, phpMyAdmin and MySQL issues, I next turned to the task of getting the Eclipse software development environment up and running on my Mac. I started with the latest version, one that’s pre-loaded with the most needed bells and whistles: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. Note I said “most needed.” … Read more

PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin, on my Mac, Oh My!

I recently updated the web application hosting environment on my Mac (Leopard, 10.5.6 as of this writing) in order to support a local copy of Drupal. I have a local copy of TWiki, which is the wiki software we use the most at work, but as I begin using Drupal more and more, I decided … Read more

Quick Mac Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything Mac related and since I was busy over the weekend rebuilding my system, I thought I’d share what software I’m currently using. There was nothing really wrong my my old system, but the Mac’s flexibility in terms of booting from external devices makes it easy to try … Read more

Specify Tab Names in Terminal

I have about a half dozen hosts that I ssh to on a regular basis. I often end up with multiple tabs, and it’s very helpful if the tab label indicates what machine I’m connected to. Using iTerm’s bookmarks, this works as desired with the bookmark name showing up as the tab name. It took … Read more

My Leopard Experience

Like many of the Mac faithful, I headed down to the closest Apple retail outlet around 6pm on Friday afternoon to pick up a copy of Leopard, the latest release of the Mac’s OS X operating system. I got to Haddock Computer in east Wichita about 10 minutes after 6. There was no wait, but … Read more

Halloween Mashup

Here’s a Halloween treat: Yes, it’s the pumputer, and you can see a whole series of photos that chronicle the creation of this only on Halloween Apple pumpkin mash-up. Link courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog

A KVM That Works

Finally! Over the years I’ve tried 3 different KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switches and have finally found one that works! And by works, I mean it simply works. Not some of the time, not sort of, it just works. I need to share the keyboard, display and mouse between at least 2, and ideally up to 4 … Read more

Two Kinds of People

There’s a saying among computer folks that rang true again last week: There’s two kinds of people, those who do backups, and those who’ve never lost data (usually due to a hard disk crash). I’d add a third type, those who’ve lost data and perform occasional backups. Other than my photos, which are backed up … Read more

Managing MP3 Files Using MediaRage

I spent some time today managing my digital music collection, adding tags such as artist, album, date and so on. I have a variety of mp3s of live concert recordings. As such, I get no help from the online CD information services like CDDB and freedb as they are only aware of commercial releases. Adding … Read more

MarsEdit Test Post; Driving on Icy Roads

I’ve tried a number of blog editors, such as Ecto and a couple of others, and none offered enough value for me to switch away from typing posts directly into the standard MovableType textentry form. Occasionally, I’ll edit using BbEdit, but that’s rare. I’ve been hearing enough about MarsEdit, a new blog editor from the … Read more