TIVO Upgraded; More Stuff I’ll Never Find Time to Watch

I just finished upgrading my TIVO. (Whoohoo! 🙂 It’s previous, default storage capacity was 9-30 hours, depending on the stored image quality. I can now record 40-150 hours after adding additional storage to the system. I added a 100Gb drive, 134$ at Fry’s, which brought the total capacity to 130Gb. All previously recorded programs and … Read more

Random Quotes & Images

I’ve been displaying a random image at the top of this page for some time now. The image is changed each time the page is reloaded. Inititially this was implemented using client-side javascript, which had 2 problems. The first was that folks who had javascript turned off didn’t see the images. The second was that … Read more

Technology Landscape Ramblings

This keynote address, presented by Tim O’Reilly at an Apple developers conference in May of 2002, is a very interesting read that serves as Tim’s overview of the leading edge of the tech landscape, and is not Apple-centric in the least.

Card Counting in the 90’s

I first read about card counters in the late 60s or so, and then again once or twice in the intervening years. Each time there were new twists to an old hustle, usually involving more and more hi-tech assistance. In the 90’s a group of MIT smarties tried a unique approach, involving team play, that, … Read more

Open Source Update

Tim O’Reilly writes an interesting perspective piece regarding open source vendors, how s/w is actually used, and some finishing comments regarding the politicization of the whole process. O’Reilly Network: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors [Jun. 28, 2002]

Bloggin’ in the City

Here’s a cool blend of the real and virtual worlds. nyc bloggers is a web site that maps NYC bloggers to their nearest subway line.

Packet Sniffing Yields Images

Hah! As if there weren’t already too many things I want to do and don’t have time for. Here’s another interesting hack: packetsniff your ethernet, and reassemble the packets that are part of an image into the image file. See how it was done at a recent conference: http://www.oreillynet.com/1414.html