Scavenger Hunting for Grownups (aka Geocaching)

We spent the afternoon driving home from our stay near Elk (near Mendocino) by visiting a number of spots that we probably wouldn’t have known about were it not for the new outdoor activity known as geocaching. Geocaching is the sport of using your GPS receiver to try and locate cleverly hidden caches(comprised of small … Read more

That’s One Bad-Ass Rat

While much has been written regarding the recent Supreme’s decision which makes a mockery of the founders’ intent with respect to copyright, I found an actual interview with one of the principles in the case, one m. mouse. Among his choice comments was this call to action: Beyond that, all I can think of is … Read more

Try Weird Stuff, See What Works

Thanks Dave, for mentioning this interesting, insightful interview with Jerry Garcia. … give me a hot project and I’ll be happy. The money part is not the important part, the important part is the opportunity to get your hands wet, to go out there to jump around, fuck around, make mistakes. Try weird stuff, see … Read more